That Tuesday evening, she walked home laughing.
Laughing ironically at herself, thinking of how stupid she was to ever decided to fall. Reader, you guessed it right;  she fell in love.

"I'm too clever for this shit, how did I even fall at the beginning? Dammit," The girl, who  was once described herself as an expert-at-giving-advices now have no one to ask for any. Not even herself, since the advices she has been giving to people did not work for her, at all. It did not take too long for her to arrive home--while still laughing--slammed the door, then threw herself onto the bed.

After a few minutes attempting not to burst into tears, a memory then flashed inside her head.
That day she told herself not to be fooled by guys. by love.

It's poisonous.

"Humans are disgusting,"

Are all humans actually disgusting?

Or did she state so as an attempt to ignore the fact that how disgusted she was of her own self for letting herself fell for a guy--who is not even worth her time?

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