Internet, A Best Friend, and The Other Part of the World.

12:02 AM, Denmark.

9 months ago, this exact day, I met someone.
A girl who lives far away from where I am,

different country, different continent,
different language, different time hour,

but somehow, we managed to be bestfriends.

I remember how I never had the effort to make friends with someone through the internet,
but with her, I never feel like talking to strangers.

She's the first person who showed me how important it is to maintain friendships.
for the first time in my life, I finally feel like having a bestfriend,
I finally know that I have a bestfriend,
who loves me as much.

We have never met each other,
but we have deep talks.
we have inside jokes.
we have our fangirling moments,
and any other conversation every bestfriends have.

Thinking about her makes me feel like everyone should have met her,
she will love you with all her heart,
that you will never feel lonely again.

I remember all those times where I could not talk to a single person about what goes in my mind,
just because I was too scared that people will judge me.
but oddly enough, she has been the first person that I think about when something happened since the first time we talked,
she's the first person I wanna text and tell her about literally everything.

I woke up this morning and just grateful that I can celebrate her 15th birthday today,
and knowing that I have a bestfriend like her,
who I'm sure will always be my bestfriend.

It's crazy to think that your soulmate can live thousand miles away from where you at,
but Nancy, happy birthday.
jeg elsker dig :)

Let us meet soon, shall we?

Jakarta, Indonesia
Januari 2017
06:39 AM

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