warm greetings.

this ain't my first blog, but my old blog was a big mess that I decided to set up a new one.

my name's Ausy. Probably not a common name in any country.
but believe me, my full name sounds even much weirder (or unique, ha.)
People think it stands for Australia, but nah.
Dad told me there was a scientist (forgot what was his name) whose son's name was Ausy
so yeah

By the time I write this, I'm 17 years and 10 months old.
I have two siblings; a brother and a sister.
but I'm the oldest.

I love to listen to music.
I listen to Justin Bieber since mid 2010--something I'm proud of.
I also listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, Arctic Monkeys, and ZAYN (no, I have never been a Directioner, but I swear to God his music are fvcking great).

I kind of play Violin and Keyboard, but I'm not very good with both of 'em.
But I'm trying to improve myself, though.

I guess s'all.

Check out my social medias!
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Snapchat: @ausyhm
Pinterest: @ausyhm
Fanaccs on Instagram: @canadianaussies / @182syndrome

また後で !!

Semarang, Indonesia
December 2016
00:26 AM

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